When North African tribal chiefs traveled, they set up their camps in concentric circles, with the chief in the center. The closest circle, comprised of the chief's family and advisors, was called the "zmala". The modern "smala" refers to a person’s most trusted friends and family. At happy smala, our work revolves around creating circles of trust and leveraging the power of the crowd.


    We are an innovation lab specialized in collaborative approaches and alternative finance. Since 2014, we have experimented with collaborative approaches and new technologies to create high-impact innovation.

    • We support public, private, and third-sector organizations in the design, deployment, and evaluation of innovative programs.
    • We collaborate with startup ecosystems in emerging economies on strategic studies, as well as coaching, mentoring, and training of entrepreneurs and project leaders.
    • We support the design and evaluation of tech projects focused on citizen engagement (CivicTech), education (EdTech), and financial inclusion (FinTech).
    • We advise international aid and development agencies on project design, monitoring, evaluation, and learning.

    We experiment with new social and economic practices, leveraging the power and reach of social networks and technology. As a space for Open Innovation, we forge partnerships with those who share our ambition to support the emergence of the future key players of the new economy.


    Our team of serial entrepreneurs is experienced in the areas of innovation, finance, technology, education, and international development. We share our experience in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and North America to accompany you from strategic planning to the implementation of your projects.


    By leveraging new tools and methods and by placing collective intelligence at the heart of our business, we are focused on the needs of our clients and on the creation of new experiences that envision the sustainability and efficacy of living and creating together.




    Cultivating ways of living and working together as a means of creating impact



    Challenging established practices and habits, hacking organizations and systems to reinvent themselves



    organizations and assembling hybrid teams to facilitate innovation and creativity



    Designing and implementing agile mechanisms to ensure operational, technical, and financial resilience

  • TEAM

    La smala is a team of interdisciplinary serial entrepreneurs

    Arnaud Pinier





    Pierre Champsavoir





    Eric Asmar





    Oumel Ghit Guelzim

    Operations Manager





    We are looking for two new team members:

    A project coordinator

    A communication coordinator

  • Zakaria Nachid – Ministère de l’Économie et des Finances du Maroc

    Je tiens particulièrement à rappeler que l’effort que vous avez fourni à travers happy smala pour soutenir les autorités marocaines et la GIZ dans le développement de l’activité des business Angels a été crucial pour permettre l’émergence de cette industrie au Maroc. Grâce à votre analyse pertinente et les études réalisées, nous avons pu développer une approche structurée ce qui s’est soldée dernièrement, comme premier jalon de cette approche, par la création d’un réseau de business angels.